Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mercedes Changes Things Up

GLK-Class. Photo courtesy of Daimler.
If you have the growing array of Mercedes vehicles memorized, like the M-Class, GL-Class, C-Class, SLK-Class, etc. you are going to have to relearn everything. Mercedes is redoing how it assigns model names, similar to how Infiniti restructured its nomenclature not that long ago.

I suppose if you have the current models down, the new nomenclature won't be that hard to learn. The A-, B-, C-, E-, and S-Classes will keep their current names, but pretty much everything is being restructured.

What you call the SUVs and SLK will be changing. So get ready to take some notes.

All SUV model names will start with "GL" and then will be followed by a single letter that is the same as the core car classes (A,B,C,E, and S). That means the current GLK will be the GLC and the M-Class will be called the GLE. The current GL will be called the GLS. Apparently the G-Class, which is lovingly called the G-Wagen by some, will stay the G-Class.

As for the SLK roadster, it will be called the SLC, which sounds much more attractive. The CLA and CLS names will stay the same, even though the CLS is based on the same platform as the E-Class and not the S-Class.

Another big component of the change is new small letters at the end of each model name to denote special drivetrains. For example, "c" will stand for natural gas, "d" for diesel, "e" for electric, "f" for fuel cell, and "h" for hybrid. This will make the names of some models considerably shorter and easier to remember and understand. I say the change is a big win for everyone.

When the new M-Class rolls out, it will be the first vehicle to wear the new badges, so it will be the GLE. A coupe version of the SUV will also launch and will be called the GLE Coupe.

Of course, AMG will continue on. The Maybach name will be making a comeback, and like the AMG models will be applied to top-of-the-line versions of core vehicles.

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