Friday, December 13, 2013

The Replacement for the Mitsubishi Evolution Has Leaked!

I mentioned before that Mitsubishi has been working on three new vehicles. One of those new rides is a replacement for the Evo, and I correctly guessed it would be a hybrid high-performance vehicle, thanks to confirmation from Mitsubishi itself.

The image above is the replacement car, which not only is a hybrid but is a plug-in hybrid. The anti-Prius, fanboi racers are out in force right now, just absolutely hating on the car like crazy. Why? Because in their broad range of experience with hybrids, they are "lame-ass" or "slow." I'm sure their opinions would change after five minutes behind the La Ferrari, 918 Spyder or P1. These dimwits also haven't been paying attention to Mitsubishi's concept race cars, like the monster it ran at the Pike's Peak Hillclimb.

Sources inside the company have stated that the new car will surpass the Evo X when it comes not only to acceleration, but also the car's otherworldly handling abilities, thanks to a new all-wheel drive setup that involves one electric motor per axle.

There aren't many details about the car right now, but I fully expect this thing to be a monster, so much that it will make the Evo X look like a little puppy. The loads of off-the-line torque an electric motor can provide will help greatly with acceleration, especially the kind you need in rally racing. Most people aren't aware that Mitsubishi has been in an arrangement with Nissan to develop hybrid and all-electric powertrains together, so this new car probably will come with a pretty advanced and impressive setup. That partnership probably going to be expanded to the Renault-Nissan Alliance, only strengthening Mitsubishi's position in the marketplace. Thankfully because of these alliances the new car will be nothing like the horrendously embarrassing i-MiEV.

As you can see from the styling, this car will bring a shot of drama that Mitsubishi really needs. It's still too early to say for sure, but this car could really help the Japanese automaker reignite some interest in the North American market.

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