Wednesday, November 19, 2014

BMW Drivers Are Jerks

BMW M 135i Concept. Photo courtesy of BMW.
What's the difference between a porcupine and a BMW? The pricks are inside the car.

There are plenty of stereotypes, even in the world of cars. One of the biggest is that BMW drivers are all jerks. There is even science to back up the claim, at least according to a couple of studies.

Let me be clear: I like at least some BMW models. Notice that I said some, because many of the self-consumed jerk BMW owners only look at one thing: the badge on the hood. There have been some stinker cars made by the Bavarians, and lately a sleuth of tepid models.

Once, when I was in college, I almost bought an old BMW. It was a 540i from back when the 5 Series was a solid car and it would have served me well. The only reason I didn't buy it, other than that I didn't want a car payment, was that I knew it would've attracted the wrong kind of attention. It's sad but true, because a BMW says something to most people that I would rather not associate myself with.

Some of you might be offended right now because your incredible uncle who does charity work in Zimbabwe twice a year happens to drive a Bimmer, and he's certainly no jerk. As with all stereotypes, there certainly are exceptions. Some of the nicest people I've ever know happen to own a BMW. The sad truth is that too many who own the vehicles are rude and overly-aggressive.

Just today I was driving down a fairly busy street. About a block and a half away, a woman crossed the street because there was a break in the traffic. The BMW in front of me gunned it and nearly ran the woman down, missing her by mere inches. It's things like what that person did that feeds the stereotype.

Am I saying I would never buy a BMW? No, I've thought about it many times. But in the end I would know that driving such a car would mean I would constantly be having to battle the stereotype, and that can get old after a while.

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