Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tesla Model X Delivery Postponed. Nobody is Shocked.

2015 Tesla Model X. Photos courtesy of Tesla Motors.
At this point, it's pretty much a given that the Tesla Model X will be delayed. The Model S was as well, leading critics a few years ago to call the luxury electric sedan "vaporware." So anyone who has plunked a deposit down on a Model X is going to have to wait even longer, again.

It's not easy getting an automaker off the ground these days, what with stiff competition, stiff regulations and considerable money and resources to even have a chance at making it. To say that the rise of Tesla is anything short of amazing would be a lie. But it's also disappointing that the Model X won't be available to consumers until the third quarter of next year. So the earliest the electric crossover will be out is July of 2015.

Just how much will the Model X affect Tesla's position in the market? Right now, it's pretty much a one-trick pony, and the current climate of the industry is pork up or die. Automakers are actually populating their lineups with quite a few new models. This is partially due to exploding interest in crossovers like the Model X, and partially because of the recent advent of modular platforms that make it easier to spawn multiple vehicles from the same basic design.

There's been considerable anticipation about the Model X. Now that everyone's waiting even longer for it, the vehicle better be nothing less than amazing. The big holdup has to do with internal validation and quality testing. Considering how impressive the Model S has been, a high bar has been set for the crossover, so hopefully the company is making sure it blows everyone away.

We'll all see if that's the case or not within a year from now.

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