Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jeeps are Gonna Roll! (with video)

Image courtesy of Chrysler
I laugh every time that I hear someone ask if Jeeps are good, stable vehicles.
These people obviously have never heard of the Jeep Death Wobble, or just taken a Wrangler fast around a corner. I remember the first off-road vehicle I owned required me to completely change how I drove, because it wasn't some tight-handling sedan from Europe.

Just to prove to everyone that Jeeps can and will roll, check out this rather entertaining YouTube video:

To be honest, these drivers could have avoided rolling their rig, but they lacked experience, got overconfident or something like that. There are plenty of quality training courses out there that will teach you how to tackle all sorts of terrain. I definitely prefer one that is taught by a competing vehicle manufacturer.

The truly scary thing is to see how much the roofs of these Jeeps crush when they roll. That is at least a visit to the chiropractor, if not the mortician. Also unbelievable is how dogs scamper out of a fair amount of these rolled Jeeps. Do the drivers also have their two year-old kid strapped in the backseat?

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