Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blogging From A to Z Day 15: O is for Overseas Delivery

Image courtesy of Volvo Cars
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One of my automotive fantasies is to take part in an overseas delivery program. Of course, I love cars, but I also love traveling. Combining the two into a single experience would be nothing short of incredible. Perhaps I will put such a thing on my bucket list, but there are a few factors working against the fantasy. 
First off, for those of you who are confused, an overseas delivery program is when a car shopper who is purchasing a vehicle that is made in another country actually travels to the production facility and takes possession of the car when it rolls off the assembly line. How this happens varies greatly from automaker to automaker, with some treating new owners to a swanky reception with wine and cheeses, or even letting them flog the car around the facility's test track.

Image courtesy of Porsche
Really, these programs only exist in Europe. You pick up your car and then you get to drive it to all of the touristy spots on the continent that you want to see. At the end of your vacation, you turn your car over to a boat and it is shipped to the United States, while you hop a plane back home. So you not only get to see where your car was made and even potentially press the flesh with the people who made it, you also get to take it to see the Eiffel Tower, the fields of tulips in the Netherlands, or the famous streets of Barcelona. That would pretty much be one of the coolest vacations ever. 

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  1. Agreed. That would definitely be one of the coolest vacations ever!!!