Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Parking on the Wrong Side of the Gas Pump

It's okay to admit you've parked on the wrong side of the gas pump, especially if you're driving a rental car, or you just bought a new vehicle and the gas cap is located on the opposite side as the car before yours. There's no industry standard for where gas caps are located, although there are some loose regional practices for placement.

At one time I had a European car and a Japanese car, with the gas caps on opposite sides. I always had to consciously think about which vehicle I was driving and remember which side the gas cap was located on. A few times I remembered incorrectly and felt pretty stupid when I had to pull around to the right side.

As you can see from the video above, in Russia people feel no shame when they pull up to the wrong side of the fuel pump. Instead, they just pick up their car and just slide it over close enough to the pump the nozzle will reach the opposite side.

How does one man lift all that weight? Some people are saying the car was on ice and so pretty easily moved. Having had to help large SUVs stuck on ice makes me say that's not the answer. I can't quite tell what the little hatchback is (I'm rusty on my Russian cars, or cars sold in Russia) but it definitely looks old and lightweight. I once owned a Honda CRX I could have moved like that, so I'm guessing the car is just lightweight.

What do you think? Can you name the make and model of the car?

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