Thursday, October 30, 2014

#ChevyGuy Has Given the Colorado and Chevy Brand a Ton of Free Publicity

2015 Chevrolet Colorado. Image courtesy of GM.
If you missed the World Series last night, you also missed out on a true gem when Chevrolet representative Rikk Wilde presented the MVP with a new Colorado pickup. The poor guy stammers through a mini speech/sales pitch, referencing some notes that must have not been very helpful. The result is actually pretty painful to watch:

As a result, Chevy is getting tons of free publicity. Two hashtags are trending on Twitter right now, #ChevyGuy and #TechnologyAndStuff, because the presentation was just so hilariously awkward.

Someone at GM has a pretty good sense of humor, because's page for the Colorado uses the #TechnologyAndStuff hashtag. Instead of ducking out in embarrassment at its representative's big blunder in front of a national audience, the car company is going with the moment and will probably sell a bunch of Colorados as a result. Remember the Dodge Ron Burgundy commercials that made Durango sales surge?

In this modern age of slick marketing campaigns like the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials, most consumers see a company being real as a welcome breath of fresh air. Good move, GM, good move.

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