Friday, January 16, 2015

Brace Yourself: Toyota Has Found That Teenagers Drive Like Crap When Their Parents do the Same Thing!

You might want to pay attention while driving this! Photo credit Toyota.
Brace yourself, because I'm about to break some shocking news: Toyota through its Collaborative Safety Research Center, has concluded that there is a correlative relationship between bad teen drivers and their parents driving like crap as well.

Now slow down, take a deep breath and let that shocking news sink in.

If you don't want your kids to be driving like maniacs, weaving through traffic and running stop signs, or being too busy texting to pay attention to the 18-wheeler that's stopped less than a hundred feet in front of them, you need to brush up on your driving skills and model actual good behavior behind the wheel.

To get this point across, Toyota has launched a huge campaign called TeenDrive365. As you can see from the link, it's pretty extensive. Toyota even created a car simulator using the Oculus Rift and pulled that out for the Detroit Auto Show this week, all with the aim of helping people drive safely.

Why is it so hard for humans to understand that while piloting 5,000 pounds of metal at 55 mph they should actually pay attention? How much money did Toyota drop on the study, the car simulator,and all the other TeenDrive365 resources? How much of a difference will it make? I hope it cuts down on the number of people texting and driving, because every time I venture into rush hour traffic I'm almost hit by such people who are swerving around on the road.

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