Monday, January 26, 2015

BMW Gets Back Into the Game

With the Super Bowl approaching everyone is of course getting all excited about the most important part of the game: the commercials. I"m not just saying that because my team isn't in the showdown, but because there are many individuals who don't even like football yet they watch just for the ads. 
Well, nowadays the magic of the Internet allows us to see some of those television ads before the Super Bowl. Oh, and you can watch at least most of them afterward. BMW has returned to the lineup of advertisers after taking a four-year hiatus. The German automaker has a compelling reason to be back: to spread the good word of the all-electric i3. 

I think the ad is genius (you can see it below). Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel are shown in a past clip of when they were completely clueless about what the Internet was. Then it flashes to the present as they are driving through New York in a BMW i3 as they are baffled about what the thing is. Is it a car? Why isn't there anything under the hood? How does it go? 

BMW in a single minute makes all the people who say that electric cars won't catch on look like the backwards fools who said the Internet would never go anywhere. Give it time, the technology will catch on. Like it or not, electric powertrains are here to stay and will only get better and become more dominant. 

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