Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Apparently Daimler Does Have a Sense of Humor

Being an automotive writer has its perks, but reading boring press releases isn't one of them. There are some shining stars out there, automakers who have writers that know how to make their press releases entertaining and still informative (they're all British, for the most part).

Unfortunately, German automakers seem to create some rather technical and cold press releases that are packed with all kinds of great information but are missing one thing: soul.

I love Daimler (you know, the guys that make Mercedes-Benz and Smart?) but their press releases are NEVER entertaining. Sometimes I wonder if the company has a sense of humor at all, and then I saw the following video. It was created for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin and features some hilarious scenes involving a C111, black and white shots, slow-motion shots, and plenty of trumped-up drama. It turns out that Mercedes-Benz has a sense of humor, even if it had to express that emotion through the help of director Danny Sangra.

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