Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Crazy Videos Starring a Bear and a Biplane!

I've seen a lot of crazy videos recently, too many to share on here. I do want to give you all a taste for the insanity I've viewed by posting two that are especially interesting.
One is from GoPro a while ago. It shows the Werth Brothers from Indiana performing what they call a "tail grab." Basically, one brother speeds down a runway on a Honda motorcycle. The other flies inverted in a biplane mere feet from the ground. The one on the bike momentarily grabs the tail of the plane, sending it up (because it's inverted) toward the ground, before the plane goes speeding away from the Earth and certain doom. It's crazy and you have to see it (and the video's way short):

The other is of a guy on a mountain bike. I know it's technically not automotive-related, but the video is crazy since it shows a bear chasing after him. Many people are freaking out about how the guy narrowly escaped death, but the whole thing looks fishy. First off, a bear could easily outrun the guy on the bike. Second, the guy has the time to get off the bike and carry it over the fallen tree limb on the trail. And then the bear doesn't smell him less than a hundred feet away? Bears can smell things miles away, so it's fishy. Even more suspicious is the fact that the bear looks like CGI. Take a look for yourself and see what you think:

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