Friday, December 5, 2014

Apparently Driving an Electric Car is Good For Your Health

Photo courtesy of GM
It might seem odd, but there is some unscientific (read: anecdotal) evidence that suggests driving an electric car is beneficial to one's health. It doesn't have to do with EV owners eating more kale or other so-called "superfoods." Instead, it's a horrible habit that's cut out from their usual routine.

If you own a car with an internal combustion engine, you must stop periodically at a gas station. While I just gas up my car and go, plenty of people amble into the little shop and buy different things. The last time I actually went inside a gas station the array of "food" and other consumables was... interesting.

There are electric car owners who have reported that since they no longer stop at gas stations they have actually quit smoking. With cigarettes sold in few other places, and gas stations pushing them like crazy, that's pretty believable. I'm sure their consumption of MSG and processed sugars has also gone down.

So there you go, yet another reason to go with an electric car.

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