Sunday, January 5, 2014

Paul Walker's Death was About Unsafe Speed

I've been genuinely waiting to pass any sort of judgement about the crash that claimed Paul Walker and his associate, a trained race car driver. With the recent report that the Porsche Carrera GT they were in was traveling over 100 mph before crashing, I think it's safe to say that unsafe speed was definitely a factor in the accident.

From the details, the very few details, that have been released nobody can say for sure why the car was traveling so fast. Of course this hasn't stopped the armchair admirals of the Internet from declaring that the whole incident was a street race scenario gone wrong. For all we know, the driver suffered a medical episode that caused him to push on the accelerator and rendered him unable to steer. of course it is possible the driver was racing someone else, although there are few road cars that can stand up to the sheer might of the supercar.

At 100 mph plus, there are few cars that will hold up with a frontal impact with a street pole. Don't believe me? Watch the small offset frontal crash tests done by IIHS. The test simulates such a crash at 40 mph, and has become notoriously difficult for automakers to engineer vehicles that can pass the test with flying colors. That's less than half the speed the Carrera GT was traveling, which explains why the car was torn apart, entrapping the men and starting a fire.

I'm sure as the forensic details of the crash come out, we will find out more about exactly why the car was traveling so fast. Anyone who has driven a high-powered, rear-wheel drive car knows that they can be hard to control. The Porsche Carrera GT can be accurately described as "unhinged" like the Viper. It's a car that commands your full attention and respect, otherwise it will kill you.

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