Monday, October 5, 2015

Volkswagen Is Working On a New Image

2016 Volkswagen e-Golf. Images courtesy of VW.
Volkswagen's public image is a bloodied, disgusting mess as it should be. After all, it's not everyday that an automaker has systematically gamed governments around the globe, putting everyone's health at risk in the process. It will be living the whole Dieselgate scandal down for years to come, which is exactly why VW needs to work extra hard on creating a new image.

The company is already working on a plan, and it could look something like the commercial down below. Plenty of people have suggested that governments should require Volkswagen to make a certain number of electric vehicles to reverse at least some of the damage done by its TDI engines.

While that might sound like a funny punishment, there's a strong message behind this initiative. The fact is that VW can remake its public image in a hurry by transforming into a champion of electric car technology. Instead of trying to convince everyone that TDIs are great, the company can do some good and convince the public it's trying to do what's right by cranking out electric cars.

For bonus points, Volkswagen could also partner up with different solar energy providers and push renewable electricity big time. I'm not joking the least, and I sincerely hope that management is already working on this kind of a plan.

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