Thursday, October 15, 2015

Acura Releases Amazing Safety-Centric Commercial

Image courtesy of Acura.
I'll be honest, even as a "car guy" I find most car commercials to be... well, boring. How many times do I have to see a vehicle power around the turns on a sweeping California coastal highway? Why do I care what a luxury SUV looks like powering down a somehow-empty Manhattan street? When will I ever be using a pickup truck to round up wild horses in the Texas desert?

Then I saw the latest commercial from Acura, and it really got to me.

If you haven't seen it, I've embedded it below. Basically, the whole thing is touting Acura's safety record, which is impressive. According to Acura (and I'm pretty sure this is true), it's the first and only brand so far to be awarded a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score from NHTSA and the Top Safety Pick+ rating from IIHS for its entire model line. That's impressive, to say the least, because believe it or not there are automakers that still don't emphasize safety as much as they should.

This commercial got to me because I'm a father and a husband, and I constantly am concerned about protecting my family. I make vehicle choices with this is mind, and of course I'm more critical than most in this respect. It really speaks for itself, so just watch it and I'll shut up now:

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