Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ford Labeled with the Mark of the Beast

Photo courtesy of Ford
I get emails from random people from time to time about the many conspiracies that are run in the automotive and business worlds. Some of the accusations are just plain ridiculous: there is a car that can run on pure water that Detroit has been sabotaging (Japan and Germany are in on it as well, people), hydrogen fuel is being sabotaged by Elon Musk (OPEC is helping him out), and that I'm part of a plan to spread libel about Tesla (I secretly hate all electricity).

This past week, though, I ran across evidence of a real, genuine automotive conspiracy that has to do with Ford Motor Company. That's right, the Blue Oval that looks so incredibly innocent is anything but that.

In case you didn't hear, the giant automaker is changing the name for its SVT performance division. Unless you're a car nerd like me, you didn't even know such a thing exists. That's part of the problem, says Ford, because it wants everyone to regard the division like how they laud AMG (which is another division only car nerds know anything about).

The new name for SVT will be 999, or at least that's the rumor being passed around by some reputable automotive publications. If you look closely at the number upside down, you realize that it is really "666" which is the Mark of the Best from the Book of Revelation in the Bible. In other words, Ford must somehow be tied to the anti-Christ and is trying to brainwash us all into thinking we need a Mustang instead of God. If you go to any Mustang club in North America, you'll notice people literally worship the cars.

Think about it.

So what can be done? I guess you can try to fight the system, or you can just join up and accept what you can't change. Which decision would you make?

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