Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hagwalah: How People Tempt Death on the Arabian Peninsula

If you've never heard of hagwalah, you're definitely not alone. Most people in the Western Hemisphere know nothing of the insane "sport" that not only youth, but even grown men who live on the Arabian Peninsula engage in.

Hagwalah involves driving fast, usually in traffic, drifting around on the road, passengers hanging out of the windows, and other stupidities. Have a looksie for yourself.

Pretty crazy, huh? Well, it can get much, much worse when people involve firearms in the practice, especially when a bus full of schoolchildren happens to be on the road.

By now, you're probably shaking your head in dismay. Of course, with all of the crazy driving, and the fact that sometimes people line up on the side of roads for hagwalah "events," inevitably drivers, passegers, or even bystanders can and will get hurt.

So the next time you think drivers in your neck of the woods are crazy and/or inconsiderate, remember hagwalah and be thankful you don't have to deal with that kind of traffic.

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