Saturday, March 29, 2014

Car Fights!

The automotive industry obviously fascinates me, for many reasons. One thing I always find quite funny is when car companies start to take shots at each other, not because I like the fighting but because sometimes the digs can be quite creative.

Such a fight broke out between Ford and Cadillac, which might seem like a stretch. The whole thing started when Cadillac released this commercial, which aired heavily during the Sochi Winter Olympics:

Obviously the commercial was geared to be divisive, and it generated quite a bit of press (I should know, I joined in on the whole thing). The funny thing is that the commercial wasn't so much about a $75,000 rebadged Chevy Volt, but instead it was about attitude and elitism. Ford, the car company of the common person, struck back with this retort:

Clever? That depends on if the commercial resonates with you. If it doesn't, you probably find the whole thing annoying. The same could be said of the first commercial. By the way, the woman in the Ford commercial is an actual Detroit entrepreneur who is working to encourage more community gardens, etc.

The best car company fight I've seen in a while (other than that great Lexus-Audi smackdown from a few years ago) is a spat between Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar. The Germans decided to get a little funky, probably had one too many steins of brew, and decided to liken their cars' suspension to chickens:

That's German humor for you: weird. The Brits have a much more developed sense of humor, and so Jaguar struck back with this Duesy:

One last spat, this time between Jaguar and Maserati. The Italian car company released this incredible commercial during the Super Bowl this year, which took people's breath away:

Incredible, right? Instead of cooking up a copycat commercial, Jaguar threw a nice spitball with a simple tweet:


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