Friday, March 6, 2015

Tesla Model S P85D Versus Ferrari F12

By now everyone's see the video of the Tesla Model S P85D spanking a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat on a dragstrip. While the win was a result of the Dodge driver's goof, it was still historic since it set a new quarter mile world record for an electric car. The Tesla's back at it again on the same dragstrip, this time against a Ferrari F12

The Tesla explodes off the line when it's put into "Insane" mode, with people demonstrating that it will make an unsecured iPhone go flying back against the seats. A good jump off the line is important in a race, but top-end power is also key. This video demonstrates that the Model S P85D can indeed bleed. It's not a dishonor to lose to the F12, which is a pretty potent vehicle. If anything, it's impressive that the Tesla holds its own so well.

As a side note, the Ferrari sadly burned to the ground after the race, while cruising through a Florida neighborhood at 30 mph. Just kidding, but it totally could've happened.

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