Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Crazy Russian Dashcam Videos

Dashcams are becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Photo credit: Steven Symes

Anyone who is a big auto enthusiast knows Russians love their dashcams. There are a number of reasons why this is, including that they use it for evidence against the prevalent insurance fraud in the country, to help identifying would-be carjackers and for protection against unlawful actions by the police.

There are numerous dashcam videos of near misses between cars and pedestrians in Russia. Sometimes these near misses have been the result of drivers not stopping at crosswalks. Often the incident is a combination of icy roads and cars/drivers incapable of stopping in time. This video is a perfect example of that kind of near miss:

Another thing that's unique to these dashcam videos: Russians love to leave their cameras in their cars and running while the car is unattended. These videos have caught people running their cars into the parked vehicle as well as the actions of vandals and would-be thieves. Sometimes these Russian dashcam videos from parked cars capture other, non-car incidents like this:

Crazy stuff, I know.

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